How to Start Your Own Auto Repair Shop

As a young mechanic I frequently dreamed about owning my own shop someday. It wasn’t till I had about 15 years experience as a professional mechanic that I really started to seriously consider starting my own business.

When I finally decided it was time, I started reading books like Gorilla Marketing by Jay Levinson and Small Time Operator by Bernard B. Kamoroff. And I started planning what equipment I needed to buy and how I was going to finance it.

The key to starting your own shop is planning. I spent a couple of years planning and gathering shop equipment before I ever opened the doors. Back then I read somewhere that small businesses that planned at least 18 months prior to opening had the best chance of success.

One of the first things you need to think about when you’re planning your shop is what type of shop are you going to operate? This should depend on what kind of auto repair experience you have.

If you’ve been a Toyota dealer tech most of your career, you should probably think about starting a shop that specializes in Toyota’s. Back in the old days, auto repair shops worked on everything that came through the doors.

Not anymore. The key to success today is specializing. One to three makes is how I would do it today. Asian, domestic or European. Pick one and become the known expert on that make of vehicle in your area.

And to really do it right you should specialize in only Toyota, Honda, Nissan at most. Not all Asian car lines for example. There’s just too many models of cars in each line today to be competent on all of them.

There are other types of specialty shops you can start if you don’t want to be restricted to working on only a small number of makes. You could start a shop that only works on brakes for example.

The key is to become the best at whatever auto repair niche you choose in your local area and you will become known as the go to shop over a period time. You can’t help but be successful if you apply this formula.

The Equipment necessary to open your own shop can easily cost over $100,000. The key is to not get in over your head with debt when first starting out. I started buying shop equipment 2 years before I ever opened my shop.

I was lucky I lived in a major metropolitan area and on weekends I would go look at used shop equipment and if it was cheap and in good condition I’d buy it and go put it in my storage shed until I was ready to open my shop.

So over this 2 year period before I opened my shop I accumulated every major tool I needed and paid cash for all of it. The great thing about this was the day I opened my shop I was debt free.

Looking back, this was a blessing. If I would have had unlimited funds I probably would have spent thousands of dollars on a lot of the wrong equipment when starting out. In my case being short on start up money was a good thing.

Most likely when you’re first getting started you’ll be the only employee. The first person you should hire will be a helper. Because when you’re trying to build the business and fix cars at the same time it can get overwhelming.

When you have a helper you can have him or her do menial tasks that will free up a lot time for you to do more important things. Not to mention you won’t be totally exhausted by the end of the day. And you’ll make more money in the long run.

One thing to never cut corners with is your business accounting. Hire a good bookkeeper and pay your bills on time. Especially your taxes and your parts suppliers. You just don’t want trouble with the government. Or getting parts.

And finally is shop management. Most auto mechanics don’t know much about running a business. Part of your planning before opening your shop should include shop management training. You can become a member at and network with other shop owners there on the best places to get training and other issues related to the day to day running of an auto repair shop.

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Auto Transport – Pioneers to Present

During the early years of the automobile industry your choice of a vehicle largely depended on where you lived. The earliest ones were hand-built in limited quantities and distributed locally. Charles and Frank Duryea built their horseless carriages in Springfield, Massachusetts. Alexander Winton manufactured gas-power vehicles in Cleveland and Albert Pope produced Waverly electrics in Indianapolis. A group of young upstarts led by David Dunbar Buick, Ransom Olds and Henry Ford built a variety of gas, electric and steam-powered runabouts and sedans in Detroit.

As automobiles became both more reliable and affordable, they also became more popular. Growing demand meant manufacturers’ could no longer rely solely on selling vehicles from the factory gates. William Metzger is credited with opening the first independent car dealership in Detroit in 1897. About the same time, H.O. Kohller opened the first franchised car dealership, selling Waverly electrics in Reading, Pennsylvania. Manufacturers used factory drivers, rail and boats to transport their products to a growing network of independent and franchise dealers.

Early Ford models were often encased in large wooden boxes and loaded on open railcars directly outside the Mack Avenue plant and later the Highland Park factory. Railcars would be shuttled to the Michigan Central, Grand Trunk or Soo Line terminal and rushed to anxious buyers. When they arrived at their final destination, a Ford mechanic would complete the final assembly of the vehicle, often using pieces of the wooded box for the floor and running boards.

The 1909 Sears, Roebuck & Company catalog advertised the Sears Motor Buggy for $395 or $370 without fenders or top, plus shipping to the nearest train station.

In 1902 there had been one car for every 1.5 million people in the country; two years later the ratio shrunk to one for every 65,000 people; and by 1909, after the introduction of the Model T, there was one car for every 800 people.

Reliable and affordable auto transport by road, rail and water was essential to the growth of the early automotive industry.

In 1910, the Toledo Shipbuilding Company produced the first steel car ferry for the Ann Arbor Railroad. The vessel, named Ann Arbor no. 5, was 360 feet long with a 56-foot beam and could carry up to 24 railway box cars, each loaded with four or five new automobiles. Leaving Ludington, Michigan, and arriving in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, the railcars and automobiles were then transported west by the Wisconsin Central and North Western railroads.

In 1920, when Ford opened the River Rouge Manufacturing Complex, it included ninety different buildings and 93 miles of railroad track to bring in materials essential to manufacturing automobiles, as well as transporting completed automobiles to market. The River Rouge was deepened and widened to accommodate deepwater ships needed to transport materials and automobiles through the Great Lakes and beyond. Ford also acquired the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad with 454 miles of main track to bring coal into the plant and ship manufactured automobiles from Detroit to Ironton on the Ohio River. Through the 1940s and 1950s virtually every car and truck produced in the United States was transported by a car hauler, railcar or boat. In 1958 the first Toyotas and Nissans were exported to the United States. In 1967 the Volkswagen Beetle invaded American shores. Over the next forty years, countless other German, Japanese and Asian brands have been transported across the Atlantic and Pacific in ocean carriers, and then shipped to local dealerships by rail and truck.

The automotive landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. However, the need for affordable and reliable auto transport continues to be a critical factor in the growth and profitability of automotive dealerships and remarketers.

Today, a new generation of customer-focused auto transport brokers is helping used car dealers, auto auctions, finance companies and fleet operators affordably and reliably transport cars and trucks anywhere in the United States.

By integrating both short-distance truck transport and long-distance rail service options they offer the flexibility to use the shipping mode that best meets practically any price and timing requirement. Leading auto transport brokers also provide instant price quotes and estimated transit times for door-to-door pickup and delivery anywhere in the United States. Vehicles are transported using industry-leading processes and safeguards to help ensure on-time, damage free transport and delivery by reputable, fully-insured auto transport carriers and service providers.

The early pioneers in the automotive industry relied on engineering innovations and emerging auto transport networks to ensure their success. Today’s smart used car dealers, auto auctions, finance companies and fleet operators can rely on a new generation of customer-focused auto transport brokers to help ensure the growth and profitability of their business.

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How to Buy a Used Nissan

Old school people would never contemplate buying a used Nissan or any other used vehicle for that matter on the Internet. However times have changed and today more and more people are buying second-hand vehicles in this way. Some people may still insist on going to see the car physically however they would have researched the vehicles extensively online.

Buying vehicles online saves a lot of time. With a click of the mouse one is able to see as many vehicles in one afternoon that it would take a week to see by driving around from dealership to dealership. By the time one has narrowed down the search one will know what car to buy and where the vehicle can be bought.

People often do not like the haggling for price experience with sales people. By buying online this is removed from the equation. Many of these vehicles can be delivered to a dealer for the convenience of the purchaser. Before actually paying for the vehicle it should be test-driven and perhaps even by a mechanic friend if that is possible.
Check the history of the car as much as possible. Have the car inspected by a reputable auto association. Everything on the sale should be in writing. Inquire from the owner about the maintenance records of the vehicle. Buyers should not pay by cash but rather credit card so that if there is any fraud going on there is proof that the vehicle was indeed paid for.

Buyer should arrange for pre approved finance so that time is not wasted looking for a vehicle that cannot be afforded. There will be costs such as dealer’s fees, taxes, registration and the like. Buyers should feel comfortable asking many questions about the history of the vehicle.

Buyers should search many online sites for a used Nissan. By doing this the buyer will have many options from which to choose. A full service record of the car will give the prospective new owner peace of mind about the reliability of the car.

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Business Insurance For Small Companies

Insurance policy is one of the most important parts of a business. Business description details included varies from one insurer to the other. There are plenty of reasons why business insurance services can be beneficial for the company. An online business insurance provider offers a comparison data. Below are stated the reasons why you must consider services from business insurance companies that will compare with other insurance providers in the area and offer real value with the company you choose.

Comparison Data Offered by Business Insurance Service:

When it comes to comparing the different types of insurance, you will need to find a company that does comparison data. They work as an independent insurance broker and help you connect with some of the better deals in market. If you are aiming at the best insurance policy, you need to have a comparative analysis that service providers offer.

Independent Brokers are not Associated with Any Company:
Part of the benefit while you go to an independent broker lies in the fact that they are not attached to any particular company. Individual brokers offer services based on your needs. They won’t force you with any particular company because they are associated with them. A broker can compare the different available companies and point to the right direction on the basis of what is right for your organization.

Business Insurance is a Must for all Companies:

Protecting your assets as well as businesses is vitally essential these days. Getting business insurance is one of the first things that should be in your mind while you are opening a company. Businesses today have realized importance of getting insurance. The insurances can protect people and employees that are working with you.

Online Business Insurance Companies Offer you Help Online:

Business insurance provider with an online website helps you get online quotes. You can sign up free and begin with free consultations online. This is one of the best ways to get started and look for the different insurance options available for you. You need not pay any money to use the insurance broker, they assist you to sign up for insurance as they are paid commission form the insurance companies.

Business insurance is not only about covering the ideas and creativity. It is about covering financial assets and employees, as discussed above that can get toppled by calamities. For example, you would want to have commercial insurance, if you have cars and are using them for making deliveries. You may end up losing a lot of property, if the automobile meets with an accident or incurs any sorts of damages. You can go bankrupt as the creditors and bills start piling up.

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How To Save Money On Car Insurance For Young Drivers? Read To Know

The cost of car insurance policy is determined by many factors typically examined by insurance companies online such as driver’s age, the location where he mostly drives a car on, the make and model of car, driver’s driving experience, etc. Insurance companies take into considerations these factors to figure out if driver will be a high risk. Usually, young drivers are considered risky as they are less likely to have good driving experience and skills. This is why it is challenging to qualify for cheap car insurance for young drivers. But, the interesting thing is that today many online insurance companies specialize in offering various discounts which you can earn to reduce your insurance cost or simply get cheap car insurance for young drivers. Before applying for insurance policy, it is advisable to get some knowledge about the same.

If you install security or safety devices in your car, you are less likely to get injured or your vehicle is less likely to get easily stolen or damaged. Many online insurance companies offer discounts for the same. Moreover, if you want to save money, you should think of joining a recognized driving course. This will improve your driving experience as well as skills and also could get you one more discount. One more way to get best affordable auto insurance is to drive less. If you drive less, the possibilities of accidents or similar circumstances leading to insurance claims will get reduced. Some insurance providers also offer discounts to students who score good grades. Besides, your driving location also affects insurance cost. Even make and model of car will affect what you will pay for insurance policy. Some vehicles are expensive to be insured while other cars are not too expensive.

Thus there are many aspects which you should work on to save money. But, most importantly, you need to locate insurance company which offers the most affordable auto insurance rate and also multiple discounts. One of the easiest ways to locate best insurance company in your local area which is willing to provide affordable car insurance with many discounts is to take free professional assistance of a reputable online car insurance service. These services which are closely connected with a huge online network of insurance providers that offer cheapest car insurance quotes will help you to get easy and quick access to best insurer.

The risk factor associated with you will affect your insurance cost significantly. So, it could be advisable to see if you can reduce the risk taken by insurance company by following some expert guidelines and improve your eligibility for affordable auto insurance rate. Get assisted by experienced car finance specialist to know what these guidelines are and how to get cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Log on to to get more information on young driver affordable car insurance in Canada. It offers various discount on premiums to lower down your monthly payments and helps you to save money. The interest rates are also so minimal compare to market rates. Visit us soon.

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Factors That Affect Life Insurance Coverage

Factors That Affect Life Insurance Coverage
Life insurance policy is the best way to overcome from unexpected risk factor in the future and it will protect you financially. Even a slightly lower premium can lead to major savings for the future.
The premium rate on life insurance policy mainly depends on a variety of factors. But for many people insurance concept is difficult to understand and it leads to many misconceptions. To avoid such misconceptions and confusions there are few factors that needs to be considered while opting for the life insurance policy and to determine the premium rates.
Here are the most common factors that affect life insurance coverage in determining the premium rates and risk coverage.
Age of the Policy Holder
It is the number one factor that needs to be considered in the life insurance coverage. If you are younger, then chances are more to pay premium rates for years and rates will be lesser. That’s why it is always recommended to buy insurance policy at young age. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy insurance policy in your college life, it is better to buy when you’re financially stable.
Gender of the Client
Gender is another significant factor need to be considered when evaluating the average life expectancy. In fact on average women are likely to live longer than men so women pay slightly less premium rates for longer years.
Medical Test
This factor is important in the underwriting process. Medical test mainly include height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and other key metrics. So purchase life insurance policy before searching for coverage to ensure competitive rates. Few insurance companies do offer policy without any medical test, but they cost higher premium rates.
Genetic History of the Family
The insurance advisor generally asks about the genetic history of the family and details about the family members those susceptible to genetic disease like diabetes, heart problems, etc. If this is the case then you have to pay the higher premium rates as you carry the genetic diseases.
Profession Plays an Important Role
If your profession is risky or challenging then chances are more to pay the higher premium rates. If your job is considered has a risky profession then you may be denied to get all benefits from your insurance policy. For instance: many insurance companies charge more if your occupation is relatively dangerous such as mining, drivers, steel engineers and many more.
Driving Record
This factor seems to be surprising, but many insurance companies keep track of policy holder driving record during the underwriting process. They will access for the department of motor vehicles records to find out any issues that you’ve run afoul of the traffic rules. So if you maintain clear records in the motor vehicle department then you will be benefitted by more favorable price.
The above mentioned factors will significantly affect on life insurance coverage and insurer should minimize the premium rates by minimizing the risk factors. However, it is always advisable to compare different company policies before buying the life insurance policy.

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